It is an evident truth that social media marketing has done a lot for us in the past years. The main building block of converting small-scale companies into giants is just because of the power of social media. But, despite of having so many positive things, still, people are making so many blunders and common mistakes while doing social media marketing, like not using Bigbangram, the new instagram bot. And these are not any ordinary or silly mistakes instead it can cost you regarding your target audience, may disrupt your brand’s image or may lose your customers, etc. Let us discuss today, some of the five common mistakes mentioned in social media whitepaper which should have been avoided in 2018. If you want to know more about digital marketing in general, we suggest you take a look at this great article: what to look for when hiring a digital marketing agency ?


Mistake # 1

No marketing strategy and planning

You don’t have to rush instantly as soon as you get to know your targeted business’s niche, type of product, and the audience, because it’s not so easy to understand how the whole social media marketing strategy works. We have seen so many companies failing because of poor planning and weak social media marketing strategy so, hoping you don’t want to be one of them.

Then the question arises that Howinstagral social media marketing works?

The answer is that it works when you build a strong presence of yourself. You should exactly know that what would be your goal? How many followers you want to make and why? How would create a sales pitch and what’s your motive behind it? Is there any motto or vision of your brand which any prospective customer could understand? So, the core concept lies here is that ‘You should know your goals well, without it you won’t get succeeded’.

Start jotting down what are your goals, who is your target audience? What tactics would you be using? How much time can you give? And most importantly, who is your team?

Without the answer to these questions, you would inevitably fall astray and your time would also go waste. Come with a plan and stick to it, no matter what happens. Start with baby steps and remind yourself that goals should be realistic.


Mistake # 2

When you don’t know your target audience

The core building of your social media marketing strategy is dependent on this word ‘TARGET AUDIENCE’. Know your target audience with the help of audience analysis. It is a whole research game of extracting the demographics, age-group, native language, location, preferences, interests, etc. of the targeted audience. It never goes waste instead it helps in coming up with a useful and effective social media marketing campaign according to our audience’s preferences. Plus the whole process of extracting this information has become so easy due to social media analytics. This fantastic and useful tool speed up the entire research process in no time, which we used to do earlier in several months. It helps in keeping track of your competitor’s performances as well. So, your sharp tactics and these intelligent tools make a blasting combination to run any social media marketing campaign successfully.

The second question arises that how this audience analysis leads to a successful social media marketing campaign. The answer is when you would know your audience well; then you would create the elements of their interests and which create awareness among them.  You would try to be visible at your maximum among your consumers. They would try to get involved with your brand, and this element helps in creating loyal customer relationship.


Mistake # 3

Addressing rudely to social media’s negative feedback

Many of the brands make this stupid mistake that whenever any negative kind of comment comes, they delete it or comes up with any lame excuse to solve it. People know that the brand is making excuses only and the problem would never get answered. So, why do the brands have to do this shit at first place?

It is because like everyone all the brands have a fear of negative feedback as well which creates a high risk while generating content for social media platforms.

So, what should be the brand’s approach?

The brands should see these negative comments and feedback as a moment of opportunity instead of making lame excuses, apologizing for nothing or ignoring some rude and negative comments, etc. This moment becomes as one of the best sources to start a conversation with the prospective consumers. Treat it as an honest opinion of the user’s feedback. Most of the time, the customers who give negative feedback are genuinely concerned about your brand, and they take it very seriously. So, what your job is? You should meet their expectations at its best.


Mistake # 4

Spreading the news without fact-checking

If the brands produce any content without checking the facts and figures, then you may have a solemn responsibility to answer that on behalf of your brand. Make sure that whatever information you share should be of high accuracy because the information you share reflects your brand’s image. You can’t imagine the consequences of not checking the facts on time. It ultimately destroys the trust-build relationship on your brand on your loyal customers. It damages your reputation entirely which leads to a lack of business because of poor reputation and market approach. So, make yourself understand that one wrong step can lead to nowhere and you would fall astray.


Mistake # 5

Creating the same content for all social media platforms

One more common mistake which people usually do is to create one content and replicate it for all social media platforms. It has been commonly seen in the social media in healthcare domain. It is a myth that this practice would bring more user involvement and engagement instead it would bore your audience. Every social media platform’s audience is different and has their own set of preferences plus expectations with the platform so, they get annoyed to disappoint from this thing. For example, hashtags are one of the most effective element to increase the number of Instagram followers, but you can’t imply the same rule on Facebook to grow your audience. It won’t work the same over there.