Since it is an essential part of any holiday trip abroad, renting a car can be the one expensive element that you just can’t avoid. Similar to air-tickets or hotel bookings, car rental prices are almost always fixed and there isn’t really a way to cut down the cost significantly. Since we understand how stressful car rental rates can be, we came up with 5 easy tips you can use to save a little extra cash without needing to make any changes in your holiday plans.

1. Make Effective Comparisons Amongst Rental Agencies

While everyone knows the big brands who offer the best car rentals, there are many other smaller brands that are even willing to offer lower rates to new customers. Car rental in Lisbon can be made easier by booking your car through an online agency that allows you to compare multiple different rentals. As compared to booking via a phone call, booking online is usually a much more cost-effective method.

2. Say No to Rental Insurance

When you’re booking a car for your trip abroad, chances are that every rental agency will try their hardest to sell you rental insurance as well. However, in most cases, you may already be covered through your home auto insurance policy. It is important to always have adequate information about such minute details and take decisions carefully as this is where you can really save your money.

Even if you don’t own a car or your home policy does not cover your rentals abroad, you still have a chance of having coverage through your credit cards or personal insurance. Make sure that you do your research before paying a large amount for rental insurance.

3. Choose Your Pickup Location Carefully

All around the world, car rental rates are generally known to be higher around the airport as most people tend to book from there in an emergency. If you can manage, select your rental pick-up to be downtown instead of the busy airport and you could save a few hundred bucks. If you search around the city, you’re likely to find inexpensive pick-up spots that are near your hotel or around the city center.

However, as a traveler, you must always remember to compare the rates everywhere. In some exceptional cases, airport rentals may be slightly cheaper than other busier areas around town.

4. Skip All Extra Features

All rental agencies will try their hardest to cell some particularly useless extra features to you. This includes GPS navigation in the car, local satellite radio, speaker phone service and more. The best reason to deny all such offers is that your smartphone is capable of catering to all such functions already and the rental agency is probably going to add up the extra fees into a large amount that can be an additional, unnecessary burden for you.

5. Book for Longer

In many cases, it may actually cost you lesser to rent a car for multiple weeks as compared to only a few days. Prices tend to be higher for shorter trips as business travelers who are not very cost-conscious usually opt for them. Similarly, rental rates are lower for longer trips as they are catered to travelers who are willing to save.

By booking through, you can easily compare all rental rates and choose what suits you the best.