One of the most popular Linux Distributions is CentOS. It is based on Red Hat. When it comes to North America, centos VPS is very popular. Web hosting that use cpanel/ WHM have become common. Centos VPS allows you to install control panels such as Plesk or Cpanel. CentOS servers have full root access. They provide greater control to users and allow them to have complete control over the virtual machine. The servers that the VPS are hosted on tend to be built on the latest Super-micro enterprise-grade hardware and are based on the VMware ESXi hypervisor.

The CentOS version that suits your needs can be selected. The best thing about CentOS Linux is that it is a community-supported distribution that is derived from sources that are freely provided to the public by Red Hat. Hence, CentOS Linux strives to be compatible functionally with RHEL. CentOS Project changes the packages to remove upstream artwork and branding. The Latest release of CentOS 7 is offered by Mono VM.


CentOS VPS Hosting

CentOS VPS Hosting is an efficient web hosting facility that is provided using CentOS to successfully run a virtual private server. CentOS stand for Community Enterprise Operating System. Seamless compatibility is offered with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It enjoys the reputation of being extremely stable and secure.

Known for being the most preferred operating system for setting up virtual private server hosting, CentOS is widely acclaimed for outstanding security and stability of performance. It provides lo-overhead and lightweight features to facilitate the smooth running of virtual private servers.

A great thing about CentOS is the fact that it focuses more on stability. Hence, the time period between the two consecutive releases is longer as compared to the other versions of operating systems. It is due to this reason that it is more stable unlike other distributions of Linux.


Ideal Choice

CentOS VPS Hosting is considered as the idea choice for developments as it provides excellent support to WHM or cPanel. This is the reason why CentOS VPS Hosting is the perfect choice for reselling. WHM or cPanel is offered by resellers to their clients for easy management of websites.


Supports WordPress Deployment

Many applications such as WordPress deployment and other multimedia websites, including ecommerce applications are supported by CentOS VPS Hosting. It can be used with any hassles for some of the most commonly used coding languages like Python, Perl, ROR, and PHP.


CentOS VPS Features

  • Offers powerful control panel. It is VNC enabled.
  • The CentOS VPS plans come with dedicated KVM resources.
  • A VPS server that is available in many different locations worldwide.

CentOS is the open source version of Linux. It is an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution which had been developed by an Enterprise Linux Vendor that had been stationed in North America. Cent operating system emerges from a lineage of well maintained and fully functional Linux distribution at zero cost. It is recommended to everyone due to its unbeatable service for Linux based virtual private server system.