Generally speaking, for most people meditating, sitting is really always preferred over lying down. However, a possible exception is when one may find themselves in too much pain or uneasiness to practice it in a sitting position. In such a situation for obvious reasons, it is just perfect to meditate while lying down flat on the ground as a substitute. In this case, it is recommended to keep a thin pillow beneath your head and to bend the knees to 90 degrees so as to ensure that your feet are placed flat on the ground. This way, you would be supporting the back without added strain. Read on for more tips on how to meditate lying down!

Tips to Meditate Lying Down:

Most people often fall asleep when meditating lying down. Follow these tips to distract the mind from dozing off:

1.     Use a Mudra:

A mudra is a symbolic motion that one can generate using the hands. While meditating lying down, try to use the Mudra and just allow your arms to rest by the sides. Next, touch your finger to the thumb with both your hands. The benefit is that it can help your body to absorb entirely in the meditation course. One might get tired and feel that the hand position has started to relax eventually.  This is exactly which will speed you up in getting your attention back to the meditation. It is simple and requires only a little effort.

2.     Raise The Knees:

Another tip for you to follow to meditate while lying down is to try raising your knees up and planting the feet resolutely on the floor. A lot of people with backache or knee problems can manage doing this comfortably. Just like the previous tip, this position allows you to stay engrossed in your meditation process. It is a very comfortable position and one may discover that once they’ve started to drift off to sleep, they’ll find the knees drifting apart. This would give the individual the physical sensation which actually returns your attention back to the meditation without being distracted.

3.     Listen to Meditation Music:

There are types of music that have been composed specifically for the meditation purposes. This is in fact one of the most effective ideas in order to help enhance your meditation while lying down without dozing off. This kind of music is known to give one just the right stimulation to help maintain your focus. At the same time, it also doesn’t let your mind be distracted from the practice. That way, meditation music allows you you to achieve a state of heavenly meditative clarity without dozing off straight away just by lying down!


Even so, unless you’re suffering from any knee or leg problems, most meditation teachers would recommend that you should practice your meditation in a sitting position instead of lying down. Instead of crossing the legs on the floor, you could also just sit comfortably in one of your favorite meditation chairs to meditate, as long as you don’t attain a slouching posture.