The Fireworks Depot is a customer friendly organization that will help the customers in selecting the combination of fireworks that they desire. You can put up a complete show with the fireworks. On special occasions like Canada Day, many towns around the city put up shows of Canada day fireworks that are worth watching.

Fireworks Depot offers you a great collection of fireworks at reasonable prices for you to be able to decorate your house and even your neighborhood for the upcoming Canada Day. A celebration is dull without adding some light to it with our vivid collection of fireworks. A lot of people out there know what they want to buy, but even if you don’t, our staff will be happy to help you with the selection process and will give proper guidance regarding the products. They will help you build a customized order in accordance with your preferences, your budget, and your desired noise level as well.

Let’s get you introduced to some of the featured products that you can use on Canada Day to display the patriot in you:

  1. Carnivale:

This is the first one of the featured products of Fireworks Depot and is very popular among the Canadians for the celebration of their independence day. It is a fountain of white and red stars that come bursting out and it is guaranteed to last longer than normal fountains. White plumes and multi-colored crackling starts are also a part of the carnivale. It is a reasonable product that people can buy easily when they are preparing for the celebrations of Independence Day.

  1. Airbomb:

Yes, you heard it right. It really is a bomb that explodes and fireworks happen! One pack of airbombs contain 4 pieces that can be used on the same or maybe different occasions. It is a green tracer that will result in a very loud bang when the bomb explodes at 15 m. It is cheaper than the carnivale and is of supreme quality that is unmatchable by other makers of fireworks. You should definitely collect some for the upcoming event; Canada Day.

  1. Zombie Survival Kit:

It is an assortment of fireworks that has been assembled for the customers who want to try different types of fireworks. The assortment has different kinds of high powered finale cakes and some fascinatingly loud fireworks. The celebrations will be real with this survival kit! It is a great package for you to grab for the Independence Day celebrations.


  1. Howl at the Moon:

They are very loud, as the name suggests. This package consists of 35 shots to 30 m of howling whistles and it also contains red crackling starts that will be loud and will make the celebrations feel real.