Choosing between the right advertising tools can be difficult which is why we have compiled this guide for you to get a basic understanding of what the most commonly used tools are and what results do they yield. For this, you need to first understand what Google AdWords and CPC is. Google AdWords is a system where advertisers bid on keywords, so their clickable ads can appear in Search results. Where as CPC stands for Cost per Click, which means you have to pay for each click on search engines.


Google AdWords vs. CPC – Which is Better?

Google AdWords is one of the biggest advertising systems around the globe and it’s increasing popularity is no where near to stopping. CPC is also an advertising system, and both are commonly used all around the world by retailers and business investors to reach a wide audience. Although AdWords is preferred more by people, it can become difficult to handle at times.

Both of these involve bidding, and some retailers will use AI in retail to help them make a decision. For Google AdWords, you have to bid on keywords and products which will come up in common search of Google Search Engine and will be clickable ad. This also involves making ad groups, where each ad will have its own match to an ad type. AdWords can get tricky, so it requires some reading and research from the advertiser’s part as well. Cost per Click requires bidding of what number you have set for a single click on your ad. In this, you pay for every click on the ad. People prefer Cost per Click option for easy estimate, but according to few surveys and studies, opting for Google AdWords is better in a long run.

Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

When it comes to choosing between CPC and AdWords, it can become difficult to decide regarding Facebook Ads. Great cost-per-conversions do not always lead you to great Facebook campaigns. Facebook’s CPC costs less compared to multiple advertising systems but deciding it for your business is a serious consideration. A common concept of CPC is that it is based on cheap clicks. But Facebook does not do just that. We can compare the results of CPC to Facebook Clicks, in which CPC stands low. The Facebook campaign is structured and organized so it works effectively. Facebook Ads are one of the most profitable ways of advertising your products and business. Other platforms can create a hindrance or chaos or might not reach a wider audience. When you consider CPC, the results are also quite low, so you should not spend on CPC much to try out it’s effect rather opt for Facebook Ads first.


The bottom line is, that Facebook advertising does not relate to cost only, but it’s about the effect and profitability. This is the reason why most of the businesses opt for Facebook advertising campaigns. You can get high quality click rate, conversions all in an effective cost without paying extra.