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Reception Desks

We have an over 100 collection of reception desks to choose from. No matter what you are looking for, there is a perfect desk for your office.  The office desk is one of the most important furniture in the office as it shows how much importance is placed on the work being done. Try Sohomod now and browse through a variety of reception desk for all sorts of needs.

The desks come in different material ranging from plastic to wood. There are many sophisticated colors to choose from.



The workstation is one of the most important parts of the office. It helps enforce a system of team work and hierarchy. For a matrix business structure, it is important to have combined workstations to make the team more effective and reach their targets.

We follow the latest trends and researches, meaning that the workstations that you buy for your office will help with the type of philosophy being enforced. It helps set a healthy mood for the office and creates an environment of increased productivity and motivation.



Buy the best bookshelves in the market from us as we offer a great deal of bookcases to choose from. It is important to get the best bookshelf to keep all the office files and record in. With all the confidential, it is the responsibility of the business to store the information properly.

We have different types of bookshelves in many materials like glass and wood. Whether you like a sliding door for your bookshelf or a more traditional wooden door, we have all those.


Office Seating

With the huge amount of visitors and clients visiting the office, it is important to provide them with good seating to help create a good image of the business.

Our office seating options come in many different shapes and sizes. Get your office the perfect seating options, your clients will thank you for the seating.


Our Advice

SohoMod is the best place to satisfy your office furniture needs. Whether you are starting out or are looking for a change, we have your needs in our mind and are continuously offering new models to satisfy our clients.

Our clients have learned to trust us and use our furniture to fill their office spaces. Make your office the perfect place to work with our furniture now.