Are you looking for a quality generator? Power outages and going on a camping trip are the most common reasons to get a generator. During power outages, you will need a backup to keep your house, food items, and your family safe in the dark.

With so many choices, selecting a generator can be extremely difficult. This is why we are here to help you. In this article, we have listed the things you need to consider when buying a generator. Have a look at the best generator.

Tips for Buying the Correct Generator

The market is flooded with the tons of generators, this makes it challenging to choose the right one for your needs. Keep these tips in mind when buying a generator, so you can get the one that is in accordance with your requirements.

Type of Generator

Since there are different types of generator, standby and portable.

  • Standby Generators- this type of generator is powered by propane or natural gas. It will start automatically when power is cut off. It will cost you approximately $5,000 to $7,000.
  • Portable Generators– you will have to start the portable generator yourself by plugging it into the subpanel or appliances. Depending on the power output, it will cost you from $500 to $1,500.

Size of the Generator

There are different sizes of generators available on the market. You must focus on the running and starting watts. You should keep in mind the devices you need to power. The running watts refer to the watts needed continuously to keep the things running. On the other hand, the starting watts are required for 2 to 3 seconds to start the motor-powered products.


Another thing you need to pay attention is the portability. A lightweight and small generator will be easy to move around. While a heavy generator will have less portability as it will be difficult to move.

Run Time

When selecting a generator, you must look at the runtime. It is recommended to get a generator that has a long run time with half-load. This is because the longer a generator can run the less it will need refueling.


It is suggested to get a generator with the right type of outlets. If you will be connecting many devices, you should ensure the generator has many outlets.

Best Generator

Honda eu3000iS generator is a great choice when it comes to having a quiet and portable generator. Whether you need it for tailgating or as a backup for power outages, this is an excellent generator. It is an amazing source of power for RVs, the operation is noiseless and has the capability to run up to 20 hours. Additionally, it has advanced inverter technology that will provide clean and stable power in a small size. A remarkable feature of the generator is its Oil Alert. This will protect the generator by shutting it off when the oil is low.

If you want to buy the honda eu3000iS generator, you are the right place. For more details, kindly contact our friendly customer support service.