Let’s be real, even with all due caution and some extra, accidents are called that for a reason – they just happen. Especially while moving all your belongings from one place to another, mishaps can happen at any time, be it while packing/unpacking, taking it out, bringing it in, while loading/unloading, during the transport. The possibilities are infinite.

This leads to moving insurance becoming a crucial part of your shifting process. One that requires careful consideration as to ensure opting the right package for you that would cover the value of all your belongings. Every local mover is obliged to present liability insurance by the Department of Transport (DOT) to be able to function and transit household goods. There is a common misconception that moving companies cover all loss and damage in their insurance policy but it isn’t really the entire truth. Moving insurance can cover the risks on your laptops, computers and tablets, but in a slightly less reassuring way compared to what you are thinking. To cut it short, they mostly only offer a limited protection in the name of mover’s valuation.


Released Valuation

Commonly known as liability insurance, Released Valuation coverage is available free of cost with your essential mover’s fee which applies only if you opt for it. Once signed up, the moving companies. The responsibility of your possessions, under this package, is up to an estimation of $0.60 per pound for each object. It means, for every article that weighs fifty pounds, you will get $30 irrespective of its actual value. So basically, the liability insurance is actually quite far from covering your entire loss.


Declared Value

Declared value is the cost your luggage determined by the total weightage of the shipment multiplied by a certain amount per pound. The dollar amount is up to you to decide in accordance with the worth of your valuables.


Lump sum value protection

You get an option to insure the genuine cost of an item with lump sum value protection. It goes up to $1000 for value regardless of the weight of the article. The worth is decided by you and the mover is responsible for that cost. You need a written statement and a signed contract for this option.


Full value protection

This is the most airtight, no-fuss option mostly used for highly valuable possessions. This coverage ensures that in case of a loss or damage, all items are repaired, replaced, or reimbursed in cash for the exact cost. Often, it comes with a minimum inclusion cost of pertinent deductibles. From all the moving insurance coverage packages, this is the most expensive one and it is required to be bought beforehand. It is perfect for high-cost articles.

There are many other options for extra insurance offered by private insurance companies that you can purchase. Your mover should be capable of assisting you to an insurance organization that will insure your big relocation.

A number of householder or renter insurance policies take care of approximately 10 percent of the worth of your exclusive property; including coverage for breakage and theft in transit, minus the nontaxable. Investigate your insurance provider and your movers to see whether your domestic properties are covered during the move.