Because we live in a world that is so competitive as businesses, corporations, organizations and entrepreneurs are using different marketing techniques and strategies when it comes to marketing their various products and services, it is vitally important for the rest of us to continually look for fresh and exciting ways to get our message out into the world.

Door hangers have proven to be viable and profitable tools for marketing a product or service, especially when it comes to small businesses. Marketing door hangers is an oft-forgotten weapon in the small-business advertising arsenal, but they have proved to be an intriguing marketing prospect, especially for cash-strapped businesses, because let us be real – what business is not strapped for cash these days?

Door hangers are more special and effective than other marketing tools because for example, when you send a brochure or a pamphlet in the mail to everyone, it may get lost in the mound of bills and advertisements that are delivered to all consumers mailboxes six days a week. However, when you use a door hanger, you stand out from the rest in a very special way. Let’s look at it this way – what is one thing that gets your attention when you walk up to your front door, or literally any door for that matter? If you said something hanging on the doorknob, you have just stumbled on a marketing strategy that can be quite effective for promoting your product or service – door hangers.

This is because people do not get automatically overwhelmed when they see a door hanger because it is the only thing on the door. They just get so much more curious about it, which is even better. People want to know what it is that someone has placed on their door because some of the most important documents can be delivered this way. Especially because documents delivered the way door hangers are delivered, such as an eviction notice, can cause a sense of anticipation which makes them more interested. This is because while door hangers are delivered to people’s homes, they do not get sorted with and thrown out with the “junk mail.”

There are a number of reasons to use door hangers as your effective marketing strategy. Some of them are:

  • Once placed on a door knob, door hangers are practically impossible to ignore by anyone who sees them there, since the advertisement is essentially in the person’s face, hanging right on their door. The unexpected nature of this location can surprise people and make them take notice of it.
  • So many important deliveries are left on or near people’s doors, such as eviction notices, missed packages, various utilities notices, etc. Therefore, customers are very likely to pay attention to something that is placed directly on their door.
  • Door hangers can seem very personal, they hang alone and therefore they are tangible items that people can pick up, hold and then carry.
  • When marketing substance is easily pushed aside, it is possible that your message is not absorbed fully or acted upon nearly as often. Door hangers can help you avoid this pitfall as they must be physically removed from doorknobs. This forces interaction: As a person removes it, he or she is likely to really look at it – and is likelier to take in your marketing message and possibly invest in your service if it suits them.
  • Compared to other marketing strategies, door hangers have an important advantage along with other types of print advertising techniques – they can be customized however you want, to fit your precise and accurate marketing needs. You get to decide the layout, color scheme and fonts to be used, as well as any graphics or pictures are entirely up to you. The message written upon it can be as detailed-or as broad-as you want. No matter what kind of product, service or business you wish to promote, you can do so effectively with door hangers, since the entire process of customization is up to you.
  • The biggest advantage of investing in door hangers as your effective marketing strategy is that they are so much easier on the checkbook compared to other strategies you might invest in. We know that while large organizations have seemingly limitless advertising budgets, smaller organizations often struggle to come up with the funds necessary to have a truly comprehensive – and effective – marketing campaign that will actually make a difference in the world. Door hangers are extremely affordable and are good or people and organizations with tight budgets. They are a real bargain, since for 4,000 door hangers, you can expect to pay a professional distribution company around 20 cents per door hanger – a total of $800.
  • Another advantage offered by door hangers advertising is that they let you reach your target audience very easily – all you have to know is where your prospects live, recruit a team of people willing to help to canvass neighborhoods so you can distribute your door hangers quickly and with minimal effort.


Some tips for using door hanger marketing strategies are:

  • When designing your door hanger, make sure that the door hanger is attractive, so consumers will be drawn to it and want to read it.
  • Do some research about target audience. Who exactly are you trying to contact with these door hangers? You could create a customer profile to identify your target audience, then use demographic information to determine which neighborhoods in your locality most likely need your services, then focus on those areas first to see the best returns.
  • Keep your designs simple – use bold colors and images, big headlines, and a simple, direct message because people quickly read and mostly discard advertisements.
  • Always be sure to include your contact information prominently on the door hanger.
  • Try to keep track of responses because without a way to track responses, you won’t know where your door hangers were a hit — or where they failed.
  • If you’re not offering a discount or free product sample, develop a free report or other useful product you can give to your customers.