The quality of poultry can be derived, among other things, from its commercial class. Voluntary information on the form of keeping, the method of feeding and the method of cooling additionally provide information about the condition of the product. In addition, when buying meat, color, smell and fiber structure provide reliable information about the quality of poultry.


Fresh poultry should be well bled and plucked and have a clean, undamaged skin. When buying poultry and other meat should also check the freshness criteria surface, smell and color. Poultry meat should smell fresh and typically like poultry, but in no case should it emit a sweetish or otherwise intense, unpleasant odor. On the surface, the quality of poultry is recognized by the fact that the meat feels firm and not spongy or greasy. Poultry has a fine fibrous structure with little connective tissue – in processing, this is due to the low cooking time compared to mammalian meat.


The color of fresh poultry varies depending on the species. Also, age, feeding, genus and body part affect the color of each product. In general, the breast meat is the brightest, while the thighs, wings, and clubs are darker in color. Goose and duck have darker meat than turkey or chicken.


In poultry meat is offered exclusively in Class A, for which certain quality standards must be fulfilled. The meat neck of chicken, turkey or goose must be fully fleshed according to these quality criteria, the breast of the birds well developed, wide and long. On the other hand, the fat mixture should be uniform and thin, and in the case of chicken stock, early morning goose, young geese and ducks, a thicker, uniformly distributed layer of fat may also be present.


Discoloration, bruising and other damage to the meat are not permitted in the A class on the breast and thighs of the meat. Elsewhere, slight damage is permitted. Similar regulations apply to freezer fires. Slight accidental damage is allowed, but it must be inconspicuous and should not be on the chest or thighs – otherwise the quality of poultry will no longer be classified as Class A. Dedicated as freshly offered poultry must not have been previously frozen. Small feathers and feather remain may be present on ducks, turkeys and geese all over the body, in other animals only on the trunk, ankles and wing tips, chest and thighs.


Try to buy Chicken Meat with organic label

The organic label offers guarantees for organic livestock farming, with strict controls. Organic farmers choose an animal-friendly approach. Not only do they recognize the natural behavior of animals, they keep their animals as healthy as possible through organic feed, fresh air, enough living space and as little medical intervention as possible. To keep the pressure on the environment to a minimum, the organic sector also states that the number of animals per hectare must be limited. For you as a consumer that means: opt for less meat, but don’t worry you can order from La Provincia at any time.