When you buy a new house or move in to a new neighborhood, one of the many wishes that a person may think of can be to keep that new house as new as possible for the longest time period. Well, it is not an unachievable task but it certainly is difficult, especially when you have kids and pets. Still, we try our level best to keep the house in perfect shape and condition in which cleaning is a major aspect. When we talk about cleaning, it is not just the tasks such as vacuuming, dusting or other regular chores; it also includes the detailed chores which you should do every once in a while like cleaning windows and doors. However, these tasks can be tiresome and can drain a lot of your energy without even being completed efficiently. Hence, we have come up with a list of 5 tips which will not just make the process easier but will also prove to be more efficient and pro in your work.

  1. Water, but which type?

A lot of people would think that water might not have such a huge impact but those streaks can also be just because of the water you used. This means that you need to use a specific type of water i.e. distilled water while making your own cleaner or while diluting the market one. The theory behind this tip is that when you use hard water, all the minerals present in it automatically causes streaks and it takes a lot more time and effort than required to then clean those.

  1. What are you wiping it with?

It’s better to clean the windows once a week with the right wiping material then to wipe it daily but with the wrong tools. Most of us just want to get rid of this tiresome process as soon as possible, which is understandable. But think of it this way; wouldn’t it be better to invest just a little bit of more time but to make the process effortless and get perfect results? To achieve this, all you have to do is wipe with a microfiber cloth or newspaper instead of paper towels.

  1. What time are you doing it at?

This one is a bit tricky. We usually do these kinds of chores when we are free but to make sure that the task is a lot easier for you now onwards, all you have to do is to make sure that you do not clean them in too much sunlight, it can make it dry and hard to clean. After all, who would want to use a raamfolie on a dirty window?

  1. Make your own spray:

This is a simple and great advice that you can incorporate in the process. It will probably not even take much of your time. All you have to do is take equal amount of water and vinegar and mix it well.

  1. The zigzag rule:

At last, all you have to do is use the right way! Whether you call it the zigzag or the s rule, just use it in order to not miss any spot and not leave any stain behind to get perfect results!