Something very curious about the French manicure, is that it is the mother of all manicures. In fact its realization dates from the early years of the twentieth century.

Even with so much time of having created this modality of manicure, nowadays it is still used thanks to its simplicity and at the same time stylism, beauty and elegance. For those reasons surely the French manicure has become your favorite or just want to try it to see how you look. Regardless of the reason you want to have a French manicure, today we have brought you the steps that will allow you to have it naturally and professionally.


Nail Cleaning

It is essential that you start the process by washing your hands with soap and water so that any dirt or impurities are removed.
However, if your nails have nail polish, no matter if it is old or recent, remove it using some kind of special product that does not contain acetone. That way you’ll mainly keep your nails from drying out or flaking.
Once you have removed the old nail polish, clean the nails. There are many effective ways to clean them, but we recommend you to use homemade preparations, there are several recipes on the internet. However, a very popular and efficient one is the one containing lemon juice and tooth whitener; that’s all. The application of the mixture is simple. You must moisten the nails in the mixture and brush them gently so that they are completely clean.
At the end of this step, rinse with water until all the solution has run and dry them with absorbent paper or a clean towel. Don’t forget to remove any remaining lint or paper.

Pairing, filing and cuticle removal

It’s time for you to prepare your nails. This consists of cutting and filing them until you get the shape you want. You should always try to match the nails, so that they all look the same. You can give it the shape you want, either square or round, both are attractive.
Then cut the cuticles. There are two very practical options available to you. One is to moisten them in a container with warm water for about 8-10 minutes and push them out with the help of an orange stick, and press on each nail a cotton wool moistened with isopropyl alcohol to disinfect the treated areas. The other alternative is to cut them directly with a special tool: a cuticle cutter. If you are not used to treating your nails, it is better to opt for the first option, as removing the cuticles with a special tool is a delicate task that must be done in a manicure salon in Barcelona.

Application of nail hardener

The next step is to apply a light coat of nail hardener to your nails. It is very important that the product contains vitamin E. This way you will not get your nails to lose hardness, become brittle or flake.
Wait a few minutes for the hardener to dry well.

Application of base and pink enamel

When the vitamin E hardener has dried, apply a base coat of enamel over it. Effectively you should also wait for the enamel layer to dry. You can make the drying process faster by inserting your nails into a UV lamp for about 10-15 seconds. You can also wait for them to dry on their own. But if you often do the manicure yourself, ideally you should purchase the tool to make the job easier. In the same way, they are available at affordable prices.
After the base glaze has dried, you should apply two coats of pink glaze, no more than that amount. Make sure that the shade of pink is as natural as possible, i.e. that it is not too scandalous. First apply a layer and wait for it to dry. When it dries, you can apply the second one. It is important that both layers are not thick, on the contrary, they must be thin so that they can adhere more easily and effectively to the nail.

Application of white enamel on the tips of the nails

When the two coats of pink enamel have dried, apply a line of white enamel to the tips of the nails. Do it with care and firmness, because this white line on the nail tips is the characteristic and determining element of French manicure. To make this unique touch of French manicure look better, make the line according to the shape of the nails. Make this step with the help of a fine tip brush, so the definition of the line will be easier and with a professional style.
You can also use adhesives in the shape of croissants, which should be placed on the nails, without covering the tips of them. If you decide to use the adhesives, don’t forget that the moment to remove them is only when the enamel has dried completely. If you do it before, you will damage the whole manicure and it will be your turn to start again.


Application of protective lacquer and cleaning of enamel residues

As always, you must wait for the paint to dry. When that happens, apply a layer of protective lacquer. This will give shine and life to your nails, as well as offering you a longer manicure life.
And as it is common that after the realization of the French manicure there are traces of enamel on the skin, use cotton and moisten it a little in isopropyl alcohol and clean the areas of the skin that have been stained.
You already have all the information you need to make a luxury French manicure from the comfort of your own home. The best of all is that it is very easy and does not require an investment, because its realization is with the use of basic products, not expensive at all and that you can get anywhere or even that you already have in your home.

Don’t be afraid, spoil yourself for a while getting the materials you need and daring to show off some incredible nails made by you.