Moving agents are those who are responsible for moving goods from one place to another, offering all services that include moving services, such as packing, protection of household goods, movement of goods and placement in the new home.

As in all types of companies there are good and bad, and it is a good idea to investigate before hiring the services of a moving agent, because depending on how good they are your goods may be more or less insured.

Normally people search the Internet for a moving agent and do not investigate too much or not seek recommendations, reaching to find agents of bad reputation and bad service, which only discover when the move is completed.

The problem with hiring the services of a moving agent who provides a bad service is that it can lead to problems both for their goods and their own health, could cause anxiety in the midst of the move and stress once completed, so you must take seriously the task of looking for those who provide good services.

What should be taken into account when looking for good moving agents?

The first thing to consider when looking for good movers is reputation. If you are looking for an agent who has a website, you can look if it has a section that shows the qualifications of those who have acquired their services, or if you do not have such a section, ask the communities or acquaintances who have purchased the services of an agent to know if their services are sufficiently safe and reliable.
It can also be guided by the time that the agent has in the market, because when a removal agent has a lot of time providing their services and is still standing is usually because their services have ended satisfactorily.

Another very important factor of good movers is that they explain everything that is involved in their services, without hiding anything like additional charges or unnecessary services. This is a contrast to the bad agents, because they only say the information necessary for the person to acquire their services and hide any additional charges, so the person could end up paying a sum that was not planned in advance.

Finally, if good references cannot be found through acquaintances who have acquired such services or through the websites of moving companies, a list of reliable moving agents can be requested from companies dedicated to your search, such as the American Moving & Storage Association, an American company that allows you to search for the best moving agents for each case according to the coming to move and the destination location.