Having a new roof installed in your new home or current home is an important decision to make which is both expensive and helps improve the look of your home. As the roof is the first line of defense, choosing a qualified, experienced and licensed professional to help with your roofing repair or installation needs is important.

There are many companies to choose from for installing or repairing your roof, here is a guide to ensure that you find and hire the best contractor to the job.


Consult a Few Contractors

Before making the decision of hiring the services of a roofing company, it is essential to consult and talk to a few contractors to find the right contractor who is both honest and affordable. However, it is important to look for a quality contractor and not make a final hiring decision on the basis of difference of some hundred dollars.

Do not choose a company which charges excessive amounts to do the project or one which has unremarkably low prices.


Ask about their Credentials and Licenses

Another important thing to keep in mind when choosing a quality roofer is to ask them about their credentials and research to find out which credentials are the best in the industry. As a rule of thumb, choosing a Local GAF Certified Roofing Contractor is a good decision as they have the training needed to successful install or repair roofs and have the set skills to get done job done both efficiently and effectively.

Also, contractors should provide you with a copy of their license and two or more references to verify the quality of work. Speaking with past customers and reviewing their licenses, will help you make the right decision and be stress-free.


Go through the Contract and the Warranties Carefully

One should never sign a contract without having gone through it thoroughly and carefully. The professional contractors should not be annoyed by you going through the contract and taking time to understand the contact, and they should be happy to help you go through the contract.

Go through the warranty section with extra care and understand the warranties. The materials used and the workmanship should be generally guaranteed for a minimum period of 5 years; as for the roofing, it should be guaranteed for over 20 years warranty. It is one of the most important sections, hence; take your time with going through every single detail minutely.


Never Pay the Contractor the Entire Amount Upfront

It is advised that one should never pay their entire balance for the new roof upfront and it goes with every project. If, however, the contractor asks for the entire payment to be made upfront, it is important to terminate the relationship and not sign any contract.

A common practice is to deposit a reasonable amount and make the payments in accordance with the payment schedule which parallels the work. Always make the payment through cheque or bank transfer and not pay in cash. Using your credit card is a good option as it would ensure that you get the money back in case of any mishap.

Picking a quality roofer is no doubt a tough decision, but with the guide, you will make the right decision.