Normally, when it comes to exams, people are more used to working with a detailed syllabus in hand to guide them. This means that one would know what to expect and have tons of past papers to practice their way through. This eliminates the element of surprise to a minimal. However, this isn’t the case when we look at the gamsat exam.

In terms of sciences, the level of Chemistry and Biology that is tested equates to a first-year undergraduate program, while the Physics is equivalent to the A Level standard. Now, for those of you that do not have a science background, just the sound of this might seem daunting. But, it is equally the same for those of you who come from a science background and do not know what to cover and to what depth, making it challenging as well.

Practice Material

Although, the examination board, ACER does produce four booklets for practice and sample questions, they are normally not enough for the students to cover everything that could possibly come up in the test. Only some exposure to the style of questions that are to be encountered on the examination is offered by the materials issued. It can be an impossible task to learn undergraduate level Chemistry and Biology along with the A level Physics in such a short period of time.


Key to Understanding

The key is to understand just what the ACER is looking for when it comes to potential medical students, and to know how one can actually approach all of the relevant areas being tested. This is where gamsat books, comes to place. You can even read the review of students to learn for yourself just how useful they have been and how students have managed to get into their medical school of choice.

When you use the gamsat books, they will help provide you with the application and the knowledge of all the relevant topics which would not just be of use to gamsat, but also to your time at the medical school and beyond. Now, it is not uncommon to see students and hear about their use of notes. This is exactly where the gamsat books have been referred.


Deal With the Time Restraints

It can be difficult to deal with the time restraints and know just where one needs to begin, what needs to be covered and in what depth is required. The gamsat books are the most effective solution when it comes to preparing for the gamsat.


Three Parts of the Test

One needs to keep in mind that test consists of three parts and only one of the sections is actually science based. Both the sections I and II do not have a defined area of knowledge that would be tested, but with the help of the gamsat books, it is still possible to prepare for these two. The course material teaches students all of the core skills that are expected in these sections and to develop vital extensive writing skills for attempting the two comparative essay types in the section II of the test.