A bomber jacket is an outerwear which came into being during the World War l to make the pilots warm during their flights. As the time passed, we can see it in different materials like polyester, nylon, etc. instead of leather.  Some designs of the bomber jackets are prominently different from one another like ribbed cuffs, high collars, front-zip, etc.  The bomber jacket is one of its versatile kind of wear that has nothing to with years and the hanging fashion concepts because it’s timeless outwear which should be in every man’s wardrobe. Plus, it has a variety of styles and color options which makes it classy and fashionable both at the same time. In summers, you can wear it as a style statement whereas in winters you can easily pull off for having a warm and cozy feeling. So, today we will be discussing some different styles of trending bomber jackets so, you can pick whatever suits you best.


Different styles of Bomber Jackets

There are different styles in Bomber Jackets which suits with various, and you can wear them at different times of the day. Like the Burgundy color bomber jacket has been adopted from the 60s, and 70s style and its look best with the black color trousers and jeans. It is perfect for any party in the evening.

Similarly, the bomber jacket in white color is perfect for morning wear because it gives a fresh look and can be paired up with any sneakers.


Where you can wear a Bomber Jacket?

A bomber jacket is an excellent choice for evening party wear and as casual wear at the same time. What you have to do is to make a smart decision for making a choice that what suits you best. A bomber jacket can easily be paired up with any casual jeans and a crisp top or a sweatshirt to wear casually for the university, etc. You can wear neon color blazer and ripped jeans with it for parties. Also, you can select any of the neutral color so, you not look much overwhelmed. Plus try to give some extra attention towards your footwear like wear trainers or loafers so, your look can be completed.


How to pair up top and jeans with a Bomber jacket?

–    Wear whichever style of Bomber Jacket is comfortable for you and try to incorporate it with matching the top and a pair of jeans. And think about where you have to wear it.

–    For casual wear, add a simple top with cool sneakers to make yourself ready.

–    For party-wear add ripped jeans and some happening top in neon color with to complement the whole look.

–    One more thing you can do is that you can wear statement jewelry with it to overall glorify your look.

Try any of these tips and share your experience with us because we would love to see you pulling off the complete chic look.