The cool basement was originally used as a storage place for food. His function was later expanded and other items were stowed in the basement. Nowadays it is even possible to live in the basement. The basement room is an additional room, which is well suited for hobby, relaxation or fitness. Study, guest room, sauna and wellness area or laundry room are typical rooms in the basement. When setting up the cellar, the healthy indoor climate is very important. You know what our advice is you should contact KapitalBasements for basement examine.


What needs to be considered if you want to set up the basement

In the underground room, windows are also being built today. Beer and wine cellar can be ideally located in the basement. Bright wall and ceiling colors make the dark room more friendly and homely. A sauna or whirlpool make for more comfort and relaxation in your own four walls. If you want to set up your basement, you should definitely expect professional ventilation, lighting and heating. The brighter the basement room is, the friendlier it looks and the better the climate and the quality of living.


Let your imagination run wild at the basement

If you want to feel comfortable in the basement, you need light, air and warmth. The cellar offers enough space for games, sports activities and leisure activities. Often the children’s rooms are too narrow. If you want to set up the basement, a scope for the children would be a creative and wise decision. A cozy play cellar can also be used for children’s parties. He can later serve as a youth room, where the teenagers can talk with their friends.

How happy we are when we have a cellar where we can store food, unused furniture, tires and much more stuff. If you look after a few months again in the basement, grabs a horror – when the room has become only a vollgemüllten storage room?

To avoid such a thing and to show you the potential of basement rooms, we have selected surprising transformations that surprise everyone in their own way.


A cellar becomes a luxury bathroom

Here we see a cellar, as many of us know it: Relatively small, designed with a rather ugly floor and otherwise not designed very nice. The only bright spot in the truest sense of the word is the window, which is relatively large for a cellar.


Natural stone, wherever the eye sees

In the basement have indeed found a sink, a shower and a bath room. Natural stone plays the main role here and makes the bathroom appear very exclusive. A three-dimensional arrangement of the natural stones makes the wall on the tub a fascinating eye-catcher. With ceiling spots, the extraordinary wall design is highlighted extra.

But the wall is far from being finished with natural stone! Both the tub itself and the washbasin are made of natural stone or clad with it. The brown ceramic tiles also had to give way to large, anthracite-colored natural stone tiles.