Known for becoming the youngest division head at General Motors, John De Lorean was a true legend in the automobile industry. He was an engineer who created some of the best cars such as the Pontiac GTO. However, De Lorean was not your average automotive engineer as he had the lifestyle and looks of a true movie star. There is a reason why, there is movie about Framing John De Lorean in which Alec Baldwin is playing John De Lorean. Check out more info on Scott Cooper Miami to learn more about John De Lorean and his rise or fall. Having made a name for himself John even went on to establish his own company, the De Lorean Company or DMC for short.


John De Lorean was a true workaholic whose 14-year marriage to his secretary ended in 1969 due to his hard-working nature. He even went on to marry the model and actress Kelly Harmon who was just 20 year at the time of their wedding and John was 44. John even had a plastic surgery in the late 60s for enhancing his jaw.

Ahead of His Time

De Lorean was a man who was ahead of his time. He had been drafted in the US military in 1943 and served his country for 3 years before he resumed his studies at Lawrence Technological University where he had been granted a scholarship prior to the Second World War. John knew how to make people believe in what he wanted. He even adopted a son as he wanted to become a father.

Head of National Alliance of Businessmen

The Detroit native, John De Lorean had even left his job of six-figures at General Motors as the vice president to work at National Alliance of Businessmen for a non-paying role of head of the company. It is after a five year period that De Lorean reentered the world of automotives and started his De Lorean Motor Company which was actually Irish based as the investors were Sammy Davis and Johnny Carson.

The DMC-12

John De Lorean had tastes that were ahead of his time and it is due to this reason that he was inspired to create the DMC-12 which was a futuristic sports car that cost $25,000 and was more expensive as compared to the average cars that cost about $10,000. It is due to this reason that customers did not buy the car and it received lukewarm reviews from critics.

His Own Boss

One of the things that John did not know how to do well was running the finances of his company and its marketing. In simple words, John was a designer who did not like to answer to anyone but himself. It can be argued that it is what led him to his downfall. Despite having been shown in Back to the Future in 1985, the car was never a success and stopped production in the year 1983.