Niagara Falls tours are a great way to discover the most famous Falls in the world. It is not the highest or even the widest of all the falls, but it definitely has a large volume of water in it that is siphoned at almost 750, 000 gallons per second. The water there is collected from four different lakes; Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and also from Lake Superior. The water comes flowing down from the water fall and joins Lake Ontario, the fifth lake. Niagara Falls is a place to explore when it comes to the attractions that are available there. Let’s get down to the number of places you can visit while you are there:

  1. The Horn Blower:

This is a unique way to experience the natural flow of the falls. The boat tours bring you as closest as you could get to the magnificent and mesmerizing Niagara Falls.  The journey also exposes you to the Bridal Veil Falls and America Falls as well. All these beautiful falls make up the Niagara Falls!

  1. The Journey Behind the Falls:

The sight is breath taking and the sound is like a roar! You can get to see the falls pouring down from 13 stories. You can see the fresh water splashing down to the basin that is below. The water travels at 65 km per hour. You can take an elevator that goes 45 km down through the tunnels that lead to Great Falls Portal. You can then go up to the Observation Desk to have a look at the Falls.

  1. Niagara Falls Helicopter Tours:

This is your chance to explore the Niagara Falls from the air! Niagara Falls offers a premier flight for you to take and see the place for yourself. The flights start at 9 am in the mornig ang go up till sunset.

  1. Whirlpool Aero Car:

If you want to tour the lower Niagara River, this is your thing! You will also have an option of learning the history of the Niagara Falls and you can also enjoy playing at the rapids in the water. It can be refreshing experience for you and your family to enjoy. The car has been operating since 1916. It has been attached to six cables and it is a promise to give you one of the best experiences at the Niagara Falls.

  1. The Flower Showhouse:

The lush oasis is just a walk away from the Niagara Falls. There you have the chance to encounter paradise! Various orchids and plants of other kinds have been displayed there along with numerous flowers that change with the seasons. To add to the beautiful scenery are birds that sing in the background to keep you entertained. There are rose gardens and even fragrance gardens for you to take tours of. You can even arrange a wedding ceremony or a corporate event at this beautiful place. It can even be arranged for your wedding photography. Niagara Falls are an experience on their own as well, but these gardens are a cherry on top!