The Salvation Army has been created as an integral part of the universal Christian Church. It is distinctive in its practice. There are Salvation Army places of worship that are open to the community and offer a warm welcome to everyone.

The doctrine of the organization is based on the mainstream Christian belief that emphasizes God’s saving purposes. It aims to further advance the Christian religion, education and eradicates poverty. Salvation Army strives to benefit the community or society as a whole. The movement had been founded in the year 1865 by William Booth.

The first Salvationists were deployed and aided by a quasi-military command structure. It is during 1878 that the title Salvation Army came to use. The organization enables resources to be flexible. It focuses on the recurrent theme in Christianity wherein giving of donations is mentioned.


Importance of Donations to the Salvation Army

Donations are important as they help the less fortunate. When you donate to the Salvation Army Houston, the donations are delivered to charitable organizations that serve the needy. The organization is using technology to allow everyone to easily donate for the greater good. In the past, it might have been difficult to donate but the Salvation Army has now made it extremely easy to donate. All you need to do is enter the location of where you want the Salvation Army to pick up the donation items and they will visit the location at the desired time.


Why Salvation Army Houston?

The Salvation Army Houston has a wide network of volunteers who are committed to helping the organization change the lives of less-fortunate. They are available to pick up the furniture, books and other items at your desired time. The donation pickups can be scheduled at your convenience to benefit the Christian Army.

Donate your appliances or unused furniture to Salvation Army to help the community. Their free pick up service makes it for anyone to donate. The Christian Army picks up the items that are in excellent condition free of charge. The furniture picks up service is unparalleled.

The volunteers at the Salvation Army Houston are friendly and professional. They know how to handle furniture and other items. Thus, donors have nothing to worry about. They can rest assured that the Salvation Army Houston will deliver the items to the ones who need them the most.

The organization is utilizing technology to change the way donations are made. They have truly stepped up their game and offer donation services that can be trusted by communities. When you donate to the Salvation Army, the donations reach the desired location on time.



Help out the community and give back. There is nothing better than the joy of giving. Salvation Army donations will help you become an active donor and reach your goals.

Visit Salvation Army Houston to find out how you can play a part in empowering minorities and those affected by disasters throughout the world. The message of Christ has always been to help the less fortunate.