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Have you been wondering how to start a business venture in Canada as a foreign national?

The truth is that there are a number of comprehensive guides on how to start a business in Canada available online that go into depth on how to handle the process, and even those specific to each metropolitan area. Therefore, repeating their advice would be redundant.

However, there are many more efficient ways to start a business in Canada without actually being in Canada — this being the most common obstacle for foreign nationals, particularly those who don’t have the ability to travel or those that have issues relating to their visas. In fact, there are many obstacles to creating a brick and mortar presence in Canada before even turning a single profit. These include:

  • Hiring Canadian staff and management
  • Leasing or purchasing affordable property
  • Following regulations from the Canadian government, the city that you plan to operate in, and other regulations particular to each Canadian province (i.e permits and licenses)

That being said, the most modern way of creating a business is by using virtual phone numbers. The 21st century has already seen great technological advancements in business, and none of these has been so game-changing as virtual communication, like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP communication and other Internet-based methods can help create business entities that operate in an area without the need for a physical location to do business with. In fact, most Canadians prefer to handle business virtually, as each trip to an office or branch office is time out of their day which can and should be handled much more easily.

Let’s take a look at how virtual phone numbers can help you start a new business in Canada.

Canadian Virtual Phone Numbers for Doing Business in Canada

Nearly 70% of Canadians own and regularly use a smartphone or mobile device. This means that in order for your foreign business to make contact with Canadian customers, offering a line of open communication is a must-do for business. Then again, not every Canadian has the ability to receive calls that come from outside of Canada, due to restrictions set out from their service provider, long-distance charges tacked on to non-domestic calls, or by their preference to only do business with domestic organizations.

So, to circumvent these restrictions, using virtual phone numbers can allow your business to remain outside of Canada while doing business just as any Internet-based business would normally do. When a virtual phone number is dialed by a Canadian caller, the call is routed by way of the Internet and instantly sent to another destination phone number located anywhere in the world. As a Canadian caller, people are more likely to perceive the call as originating from Canada and therefore are more likely to conduct business as with any other normal phone call.

Virtual phone numbers also work when combined with a virtual phone number add-on called “outbound calling.” This enables your business to not only route your calls through the Internet for instant access to Canadian markets, but your Canadian virtual phone number will appear on the call recipient’s caller ID as one the corresponds to Canadian numbering schemes [ex. +1 (XXX) XXX -XXXX]. This means that there’s a greater likelihood that the people you call are going to pick up the phone instead of ignoring it outright.

Now that you understand how Canadian virtual phone numbers can work for your business, it’s important to have other virtual means of doing business in place, such as:

By subscribing with a qualified service provider of virtual phone numbers, such as United World Telecom (, you can gain access to a vast variety of phone number options and add-ons that can enhance your business model in Canada. As an example, you can use vanity phone numbers to attract attention and market effectively in Canada. If you’re looking to add a professional sheen to your business with virtual phone numbers, consider using Canadian toll free numbers to offer a toll free way for Canadians to reach your business.