You’ve got a washing machine, right? But did you know the surprising things you can clean in your washing machine? In this article, Your Cleaning Fairy advises what else other than laundry you can use your washing machine for.  You’ll be amazed to find some unexpected things you could never have thought about.


Washing Machine Not Only for Laundry

Things like sports gear, yoga mats, gym bags, backpack, sneakers, canvas shoes, stuffed toys, small toys, lunch bags and boxes, reusable grocery bags, silicon baking mats, oven mitts, trivets, hot pads, rubber gloves, mop heads, small rugs, bath tools, shower curtains and more can be comfortably and efficiently cleaned in the washer.

Why struggle cleaning your bed pillows, car mats, curtains, curtain sheers, hats, pet beds, sheepskin boots and more when you can use your washing machine?


Save Time and Effort

Being creative on how to toss things and wash non-clothing items can be a very helpful tip that will help you save a lot on your cleaning. To ensure success in every way of your washing, all you need is to use gentle cycles, correct water temperature and pack all small items in a mesh laundry bag.


Helpful Tips For You

When cleaning smaller and heavier items, adding a few towels to the load is important to prevent them from increased knocking around. Spray very soiled items before putting them in the washer. Gentle detergent is recommended for conventional items. Adding vinegar to the wash helps fight bad odor. Air dry all your items as recommended but before then, check first if every item is sparkling clean, and if not, a second wash is important.