It is a beauteous paradise which is located in the southern Italy. This coast is renowned for its shimmering blue water, seaside villages with amazingly picturesque landscape. You can also find rocks in the Amalfi Coast. One cannot find this matchless beauty anywhere else. The beauty of this coast is just like the one you fantasize in your dreams or you can see on the wall charts. The Amalfi coast is also known for production of lime liquors. The coast is dazzling with its mysterious caves and wrinkled cliffs. The spectacular terrain includes dramatic shoreline topography spotted with terraced vineyards, orchards and pastures often with enchanting views of the vibrant waters below. The climate at the coast is also very kind, which is why every year this coast is attracting a large number of people who are mainly renting a fully furnished accommodation.

One can find numerous villages and town in the hills and cliffs. The life at the coast from dawn to dusk is just matchless. It is a heaven for the photographers. You can find numerous picturesque views that will give you the feeling of paradise. The best time to capture the views is before sunset. You can also use the boats or ferries along the coast. The Blue Grottos is the worth watching place for the photographers.

Here is our suggested 2 days in Amalfi coast itinerary:


1st Day in Amalfi (Capri Island)

You are suggested to take the ferry over to Capri. Part of Sorrento can also be seen. Capri is nestled in the bay of Naples. Travelers frequently run to the Capri for its beautiful caves, coves and grottos. The beauteous red light can be seen in the sky as the sun wave striking with the water. The Blue grotto is the most popular spot for the visitors and the photographers. There are several other things that will give you a wonderful feeling of enjoyment like Tiberius Leap, the Natural Arch, the Faraglioni stacks and the Sirens Rock. We are assuring you that you will not get any disappointment by spending a full day in the island of Capri while drinking wines and eating Neopolitan pizza.


2nd Day in Amalfi

The southern part of Italy is like a gem. You can stop at various villages while driving your car. The driving experience in the southern Italy is just inexplicable. It will simply take the breath away. You are actually witnessing some of the best views of this world. After spending a day in Capri and night in Sorrento there are few cities which you are liable to pay your visit at your 2nd day in Amalfi Coast. These beauteous cities include;

  • Positano
  • Amalfi
  • Ravello



If you are an active traveler then you can accomplish all this in your 2 day trip. We are sure that our 2 day itinerary will definitely cover all the colors of Amalfi Coast. So don’t wait and try to pay your prestigious visit to this wonderful coast. It will be a matter of great pleasure in answering your queries. For further information please follow the link below;