In today’s modern digital world, everything we do, whether it is related to pleasure or business, can all be found online. However, along with this rise in online activity, cybercrime has also risen and phishing really falls among one of the most dangerous scams out there.

What is phishing?

Phishing has been defined by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as “a scam that encompasses fraudulently obtaining and using an individual’s personal or financial information.” This scam functions when a phishing institution or individual sends an email out which appears to be from a reliable source like a government organization or a bank.

The email comprises of a purpose for the person receiving it to “verify” his/her information by clicking on a link directly which has been provided in the email. The link as well as the website that it links to, seem to be coming from a common trustworthy source which “sent” it. Whereas, it actually belongs to the scammer. Once the link has been clicked on and your information like social security number or credit card information has been entered, it will then be sent to the scammers who then use the users’ data for their own purposes.

Why is Phishing Dangerous?

Phishing is clearly among the most dangerous kinds of cybercrime because it simply can’t be identified by typical antivirus software. Phishing scammers really don’t require infecting the computer viruses so as to obtain your personal information because the users will readily give it up by clicking the link given in the email.

Once the organization or individual behind the phishing scam has the victim’s private information, they are in danger of becoming victim to identity theft. And this has serious penalties regarding your credit and financial stability.

How to Prevent Phishing Emails?

The best way to prevent phishing is to buy and install any anti-phishing software, for example the ZoneAlarm Anti-Phishing software. These programs are able to scan emails and messages to recognize any visible wording or obvious signs of phishing. There are so many sophisticated and advanced scams which keep rising which makes the next tip quite significant.

It is important to be aware of the signs of phishing and avoiding clicking on any links attached in emails which appear as if they might be from a wicked source. In accordance with Microsoft, various different symbols of phishing scams comprise of the propensity to spoof a reliable or popular company – which is the one that many users don’t give a second thought to while giving up their private information for.


Another reliable way to learn a lot more on how to avoid phishing scams, you may have your organization or business’s employees qualified to identify the signs of phishing. Global Learning Systems, for instance, offers a complete course in anti-phishing so that the employees as well as their organization would stay ready to face phishing scams and avoid them.