What needs to be done when the move does not turn into stress? If you follow our checklist of relocation tips, you’ll survive the move without stress. By the way: Down below, experts from LoveYourSpace will give you some personal relocation tips for you!


About a month before the move

Announce New Address: Great! You have a new address! You should not keep the joy for yourself, but share with many as soon as possible. From bank to newspaper supplier you can now repeat wacker: “Hello, my new address is …” You do not even have to re-register – many of you can tell the new address earlier! This little overview helps that you do not forget anyone:

  • Contracts around the apartment
  • Provider of landline connection and possibly Internet connection (connection re-register or apply for new)
  • electricity
  • gas
  • water
  • district heating
  • Offices / agencies
  • Road Traffic Office to rewrite vehicle registration
  • Tax office
  • Kindergarten / School
  • Employment Agency
  • By the way: Officially you have to re-register with the registration office only after the move
  • Insurance
  • health insurance
  • liability
  • household
  • Vehicle Liability
  • life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • accident insurance
  • Household
  • possibly more
  • Bank
  • checking account
  • Credit cards (if separate from bank)
  • depots
  • other
  • mobile operator
  • doctors
  • tax consultant
  • lawyer
  • subscriptions
  • Memberships (eg gym, club)

In New Apartment Tips

Below we mentioned 3 best tips to organize your home after moving.

1st Everything in its place

This rule – one cannot emphasize enough – is essential for a well-organized home: every item in the house should have a place to which it belongs. It’s great how much more order this simple rule can bring into your home. Whenever you think about cleaning up where something is coming from, you are wasting unnecessary time. If you consistently introduce this rule, you will notice how much

faster the tidying up and how much less you have to worry about where to put something. Messy piles on tables, dressers, kitchen island, etc. can be avoided as they are cleaned up very quickly, if you know what belongs where. In addition, you should always set immediately after the purchase of an item for a place in the house. Inspiration for a creative and functional design and organization of your rooms can also be found in our interior design experts.


2nd Use storage systems

To be better organized at home, this is the second most important rule: make enough room for storage! Chaos and disorder often result from the fact that the things in the house, first, have no fixed place in the apartment and always land somewhere, and second, not enough space for storage is available. More shelving systems, additional chests of drawers, under-bed boxes, a larger wardrobe, more hooks in the hallway, or more shelves in the study, all of which can often instantly improve organization and order

3rd order in the paperwork bring

Newspapers, letters, postcards, forms, bills, etc. – All the paperwork that lies around the apartment makes our home less organized and very messy. The chaos can be eliminated if more organization is systematically brought in here. Go through your daily mail; the letters, bills etc. that are no longer needed should immediately go into the paper waste. A filing system on the desk for forms, invoices, and other paperwork that needs to be edited brings order. Newspapers and magazines should have a firm place, and overflow the magazine rack or coffee table with it, throw away the newspapers or sort them into the bookshelf. If you follow these rules, you should not have to pile up paper on chests of drawers, desks and desks.