Whether you are flying to Europe or to the Galapagos Islands, it is important to find something to do during your flight. Here’s our top list of things to do during your flight:

1.Read a Book

This may seem pretty straightforward but sometimes, when in a flight it is tempting to spend the entire time thinking and trying to calculate the stopovers and estimated time remaining to get to your destination. Reading is a good way to wander into another world you can immerse yourself in for a long period of time. A good tip is to always keep that book you’ve always wanted to read in your hand luggage when travelling. If you’re the type that likes to stick with what you know, you can make the book one of your classics.


2. Play Games on your Phone

While this may not apply to everyone, gamers know the joy that comes with interacting with the virtual world and winning points as you go along. Games are very good ways of keeping body and soul together in extremely long flights. There’s even someone I know that plays games throughout on the short Lufthansa Nigeria Flight to Germany.


3. Start a Conversation

This seems like the most difficult thing on this list so far. It’s not easy to get over the feeling that you may be intruding a stranger’s privacy by trying to start up a conversation. Other questions that may arise in your mind can be “What if I don’t share common interest with this person?” or “What if the conversation is short?”. While these questions are valid, it shouldn’t stop you from trying to start conversations with those seated close to you. You never know. You just with find someone you can talk to for hours about something both of you truly care about.


4. Watch a Movie

For many long flights, provisions are usually made for entertainment on TV screens. Watching the movie being shown may actually be a good outlet to help you relax and while away time. If you’re very picky on the movies you watch, downloading a few movies of your choice before the flight isn’t a bad idea.



5. Don’t Forget your Power Pack

Bringing a mobile battery charger otherwise known as a power pack could be a life saving decision. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re using your phone or tablet and it suddenly runs out of power. If all you’ve planned to keep yourself company is content on your phone, this won’t make you happy at all. Remember, don’t forget your portable power pack.


6. Bring a Health Kit

It goes without saying that having the drugs you take for allergies and other health conditions close to you is paramount. Asides this, also having extra means of hydrating yourself in the Plane is something that you should take seriously.



In Conclusion, the tips listed here are to help you have a good flight that won’t bore you. If you are okay with sitting still for 12 hours or more in a flight then all that has been said won’t apply to you. If you are one of many people that have found this piece useful, you can use it as a source of inspiration to find more ways to keep yourself busy the next time you are travelling a long distance.