Engaging in a voluntary action is not something you can improvise, especially if you choose to do it abroad. Before taking action, it is necessary to ask yourself why you want to volunteer and opt for the best volunteer abroad programs:

  • Why volunteer elsewhere and not here? What motivates you?
  • What type of action could match your expectations, abilities or personality?
  • What skills do you want to acquire? or share?
  • Does the volunteer project correspond to the values you defend?
  • How long does it take to prepare and implement your project?


In this respect, most programmes are fee-based or require a substantial financial contribution and the most important costs are the fact that you have to organise your own travel and contribute to the costs of the stay.

However, there are also programs that make it possible to volunteer abroad at a lower cost. This is the case with the “European Solidarity Corps” where, in general, travel, accommodation, subsistence and medical insurance costs will be covered and supplemented by pocket money to cover daily expenses.