Having a cat means that there are chances that it will get intestinal worms or any other worms in its life. It is usual for a cat to be exposed to worms as worms are just about everywhere. You don’t always have to run to an expensive vet in order for your cat to be treated of worms.

The health and safety of your pet is paramount and here is a guide to understanding how cats catch worms and how to get rid of worms.


How do cats catch worms?

Although, infestation varies from the type of worm a cat is exposed to, however, the most common way through which cats get worms is when they come into come with their eggs or infected particles in feces. Cats or even dogs step into such feces and ingest the worms.

For example, outdoor cats usually hunt rodents and these rodents have worm larvae living inside their tissues. When the cat eats the rodent, they end up ingesting the infected tissues and this leads to the worm larvae growing into worms in the cat’s intestines. They can also get infected by eating fleas which also carry worm eggs and might even get bitten by worm larvae which penetrate into their skin. Roundworms are the most common worms inside cats.


How are Cats diagnosed and treated of Worms?

You are probably wondering how your cat could get diagnosed and eventually treated of worms, well; the process is quite simple as the vet will diagnose the worms through a physical exam which consists of an examination of the cat’s stool sample under the microscope. In some cases, the vet might even take a blood test to get a better idea about your cat’s health.

If there are any worms that are found in your cat, the vet will treat it. There are different types of medications which can be used but it is advised to choose the best one.


The Best Medication

Ormekur til hund is the best medication out there as it is safe and highly effective. It has specific instructions on it which help guide you to use the medication appropriately. You can even use the medication on your own if you identify any of the symptoms in your cat such as the symptoms mentioned below:

  • Coughing
  • Constipation and Diarrhea
  • Trouble sitting in one place or taking naps.
  • Poor health condition

If you find any of these symptoms then you need to use Ormekur til hund to treat your cat of worms. It provides fast results. The product has been designed with the needs of your cat in mind and its health. Do not wait for a long time if you find any of the above symptoms in your or even dog and use the product. The product is relatively simple to use and is affordable. Why go to the vet and spend your hard earned cash when you can treat your cat on your own.