There are many factors that matter for the perfect time to sell your home. To sell your property properly, you should be aware of the following aspects.


The individual reasons

In addition to external causes that you cannot influence, especially your personal motives for selling your home have an impact on the sales process. An age-related divestiture or financial difficulties are circumstances that usually develop slowly. They are predictable over a longer period of time and allow a long-term sale in order to achieve the best possible result. A disease as a reason, however, is often unforeseen and requires a speedy sale. Many real estate sellers want to take advantage of good market conditions – because the interest rate is low, the interest in real estate as an investment increase. The number of interested parties and their willingness to invest is now so high.


The factor seasons

Should you be able to, you can also consider the season to find the perfect time for home sales. After all, every season offers advantages and disadvantages. In the spring, the garden blooms, there is plenty of natural light and the house looks both photos in the exposé as well as the sightseeing bright and friendly. In addition, it is precisely families who want to use the summer holidays for the move and are therefore looking for new properties in the spring.

Autumn and winter seem ungrateful at first sight. In winter, a beautiful presentation of your property is more challenging. The weather and the leafless nature make a house look dull, through the mud, the environment appears quickly dirty. In addition, winter is the hectic time of the year with the Christmas holidays and New Year. Autumn, on the other hand, has its own charm. The low sun and the red-golden leaves provide a warm atmosphere that shows your property in the best light. Not to be underestimated is that for many, but especially for private real estate sellers the spring and the summer are still the preferred season for the sale. As a result, there are fewer properties in the market towards the end of the year, although demand is almost unbroken. Thus, there are often quick and profitable deals these months.


Sell real estate properly

 Bliss Imobiliare advises you in choosing the right time for your home sale, because you should not overestimate the influence of the seasons on your home sale. In fact, there is no pronounced season for real estate sales nowadays. Due to the constant Internet access, the search is always available and the number of visitors to the Internet portals is the same throughout the year. Ultimately, for the buyer, the individual reasons for buying a home are more important than the season. Likewise, your personal aspects should make the difference for the perfect time of sale. With our 40 years of experience and expertise, we will work with you to find the right sales strategy for your property.