Vantz Furniture is a company that will provide you with carefully crafted furniture and it is your place to be if you are looking for some special pieces of furniture. Vantz Furniture’s products incorporate the creativity of the men who want to recreate and reinvest. Men who are dedicated to the cause of producing craftsmanship that is unmatched by others. Vantz Furniture started with a purpose that was long term. It wanted to encourage men who were on their paths to recovery. It wanted to provide a platform for employment for them, a platform where they could display their creativity, find employment, and do something fir a greater cause.

Vantz Furniture started on a very small scale and it is supported by Riverbank House recovery community. It has a unique objective as it aims to help men who are recovering from addictions. It gives them a source of revenue and the proceedings are then reinvested in the community to make it affordable to live in. It started as a woodshop on a small scale and now has a showroom along with a huge production facility. Behind the idea were two very thoughtful individuals who found a link between their recovery and living edge furniture. The people who work at Vantz Furniture also feel the connection to a great extent. They work on the raw materials until they build something that is warm and functional at the same time. They have a sense of purpose in their mind, which is why they are committed to what they are doing.

Vantz Furniture creates all types of furniture items, from dining tables to coffee tables to wooden slabs. The furniture can fit in everywhere, be it your office or your house. If you are building a new house and want to give an antique look to it, Vantz Furniture is your place to be. Vantz Furniture works with experienced craftsmen who know their work and aim to create customized furniture for you. The handcrafted furniture is one a kind and adds elegance to your room. The perfect live edge dining tables are one of the best sellers at the shop.

Let’s have a look at the dining table and its details:


Live Edge Silk Oak Dining/Kitchen Table

The dining table has been made with silk oak wood that is of the highest quality as Vantz Furniture aims to provide products of supreme quality to its customers. It is a slab that is 90*32, which means it offers enough space for a family to have dinner on it. You can buy this slab and then attach legs that are customized to your own choice. This kitchen table has been designed to perfection and will add a native effect to your kitchen.

The perfect live edge furniture options don’t end here. If you are looking for handcrafted furniture that will make your room look elegant, you need to explore all the products of Vantz Furniture. It provides quality along with the best designs!