Deciding to train and work as an HGV driver might be the biggest and the best decision you will make in your life, because of the perks that come with it such as the power to mount the professional hierarchy once you have obtained enough experience, a chance to get familiar with various areas of the country, free travelling, steady income and job stability, etc.



But along with these benefits come a lot of responsibilities, such as acquisition of the CPC, also known as Certificate of Professional Competence, a stipulation necessary for professional drivers of coaches, buses and lorries. Drivers which do not possess this provision could be fined up to £1,000 for illegally running a conveyance service.

CPC training in UK has recently become effective, which ensures that every five years, 35 hours of periodic training, also known as PT are completed by HGV drivers so that they could retain their positions in their careers. In simpler words, a driver is forbidden from continuing to drive if he lacks PT.

The training process may take place in the country in which you work or usually reside in. The deadline to get your CPC training is written on the driver qualification card (DQC) that you own. It’s okay to skip CPC training if you only make use of a vehicle for personal usage, such as a hobby or for carrying commodities.



New drivers have to do the training which comprises of four units:

  1. Theory test, which is a standard test necessary to acquire a driver’s license.
  2. Practical test, which is a usual test taken to check driving ability, also necessary to acquire a driver’s license.
  3. Case studies, which is a CPC-specific test in which the driver is asked questions based upon incidents the driver may meet on the road.
  4. Practical test, which is also a CPC-specific test in which the driver is required to illustrate and clarify a series of actions he is supposed to perform other than driving.


Don’t forget to take your valid passport, driver CPC card, DQC, digital tachograph card and photocard driving license.



There is no fixed cost CPC training, which is why you should explore different training firms for their costs before committing. But it may cost you between £190.00 – £275.00 total. But this price may vary differ relying on if you are a beginner or just refreshing your CPC provision.



  • The law declares it crucial for drivers to take CPC training and it is essential to memorize that ignorance of rules is no excuse or defence for slacking off.
  • Taking this training is important because you can effortlessly slip into harmful habits during driving, which puts you and others lives at stake.
  • Also, despite being an expert driver, it will not hurt to brush up on your skills and evolve your skills.
  • Completion of your CPC training will ensure that the job you are performing is being done in the safest way possible.